I appreciated that you always directed the attention on the couple - especially the bride and giving me...

K Pellerin Photography

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I've had the pleasure of working with Jim from Enduring Promises over the years. It's so important to have the right Officiant at your ceremony, one that listens to your story and represents you two as a couple. It's also great to work with an Officiant who understands that the photos are important to the couple and he works with the couple and photographer to make sure that everyone is happy, which is so important on the day of your wedding.

Eyecontact Photography

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Though I have not actually worked at the same wedding as an officiant from Enduring Promises, I have come across them many times at different wedding shows, and I have always appreciated how friendly, supportive, and professional they are, both to prospective clients and to other wedding business vendors. I look forward to working with them one day, and have no doubt that the rave reviews they have received from other endorsements are absolutely true and authentic.

Auspicious Melody

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I recently had the pleasure to work with Jim Emerson from Enduring Promises, and he was one of the most professional officiants I've met. He was extremely experienced and organized, and spoke eloquently during the ceremony. Most of all he was also courteous towards my photography team. He went extra miles to let us know the procession details, as well as stepping aside to make sure I had the best shots for the couple's first kiss. I look forward to working with Jim and the team of Enduring Promises again in the future.

Eric Cheng Photography

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I have worked with Enduring Promises many times over the years, you could not ask for a better officiant for your wedding day! They are absolutely wonderful, captivating, professional and each ceremony they perform is unique and specially tailored to the bride and groom. My mother is recently engaged and the first officiant I thought of was Jim from Enduring Promises, he will be officiating her ceremony in the summer of 2016. I recommend Enduring promises to all my clients, family and friends!

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